about us

Who are we?

We are Yoga District – a space for you – a space for me. One neighborhood with three zones for relaxation, self-knowledge and transformation in the midst of the noise and dynamics of the fast-paced capital Sofia. We created our place for you precisely because of them – the chaos, the perpetual schedule, the forgotten self in the big city – and for her sake – harmony. Your change begins with it, and yoga is the easiest way to achieve it. Today, the Yoga District team is happy to be a part of your transformation too. Today, we are pleased to recall the path we walked to be here and now – again with you in mind.

Our history

It all started in 2007. We have opened the first modern space for yoga in Sofia. We dedicated ourselves to the idea of breaking your worldview, opening a window in your day for a dose of happiness through the prism of healthy physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and a path to your inner self. All this requires work and a long road of change. We’ve been there too. Over the years we have gone through various transformations and necessary expansions.

First appeared the Mandala – a center for a complete metamorphosis of the personality, the body and the way we live with them. Then, in 2011, we opened the Amara yoga studio, and as its natural extension, the Shazam hall opened its doors. The three spiritual centers in Sofia closed our yoga circle, in which anyone with a desire for change is welcome, in which they welcome more than 90 highly qualified and certified teachers, therapists, psychologists, coaches, artists, musicians, seekers and researchers who came to us from India, Japan, Italy, Russia, Denmark, England, Spain, Venezuela, Sweden and of course Bulgaria.

What we offer

Today, Yoga District combines the perfect balance of 10 rooms for practices and events, 5 offices for diagnosis, treatment and relaxation. Behind every yoga space is the universal concept of rediscovering new ways and methods of dealing with stress, mastering emotions, pain therapy, reaching the inner harmonious point between spirit and body. Our idea is to give you a hand, to give you a direction, to discover before you new horizons in which you will feel, you will live, you will be more fulfilled.

We are a safe space where every visitor feels safe and supported in their personal transformation. Through the various practices and therapies provided in individual yoga studios, modern man is able to find a more holistic existence beyond survival. Instead of teaching and setting frameworks, we suggest that everyone find alternative solutions to the problems facing the modern individual.

Our idea

The idea behind Yoga District is simple. We do not follow gurus and external authorities. We believe that everyone is capable of discovering their inner authority through practice. Integrating what we learn in the gym is what we can apply in life. Yoga isn’t just on the mat, it’s something we can take with us everywhere and that’s a top priority for us. Differentiation as human beings is deeply embedded in us. We are all different in a specific way, and it is this difference that we seek to express and draw from each one who steps through the threshold of the Yoga District.


(The Great in Me Welcomes the Great in You)