about us

We are Yoga District – a space for you – a space for me.

We have existed since 2007, as the first modern space for yoga. Over the years, we have come a long way of change, transformation and expansion. First, Mandala was born – a center for complete transformation, a little later in 2011. Studio Amara joined the ranks and the family naturally continues to grow with Studio Shazam, named after the comic book hero. The centers are home to over 90 highly qualified and certified teachers, therapists, psychologists, coaches, artists, musicians, seekers and researchers who came to us from India, Japan, Italy, Russia, Denmark, England, Spain, Venezuela, Sweden and of course Bulgaria. Currently, Yoga District has over 10 halls at its disposal for practices, events and seminars as well as five rooms for diagnosis, treatment, relaxation and massages.

We are a safe space where every visitor feels empowered and supported in their personal transformation. Our mission is to offer visitors a variety of practices and therapies that meet the needs of modern people to find a more complete existence beyond basic survival. We aim to provide a holistic approach to our work, through which each person can find alternative solutions to the problems of modern times in order to gain material prosperity and spiritual development.

The idea behind Yoga District is simple. We do not follow gurus and external authorities. We believe that everyone is able to discover their inner authority through practice. Integrating what we learn in the hall with what can be applied in life. Yoga is not just on the mat, it is something that can be carried with us everywhere and is a top priority for us. Differentiation as human beings is deeply ingrained within us. We are all different in a way and it is this difference of expression that we aim to extract from every single wonderful soul passing through Yoga District.

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