Александър Петличков
Alexander Petlichkov

“Alexander is a yoga instructor, architect and photographer, and first came into contact with yoga practice in 2012. He started practicing regularly in 2017, when he became acquainted with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method and it became an integral part of his daily life.

In early 2020, after several long trips to Asia, Alexander completed a yoga teacher training in Mysore, India, with Dr. Balasundara Srina, who is a direct student of BKS Iyengar, as well as a pranayama course at BNS Iyengar and a Kundalini course Yoga in “Mandala YogaShala Mysore”. Alexander is a RYT 200 certified teacher in Yoga Alliance.

The touch of traditional practice further inspires him and strengthens his interest in yoga, as well as his desire to share his love of practice with other people. In his yoga classes, which are based on classical hatha yoga and modern styles such as Vinyasa Flow, Alexander emphasizes the careful and gentle performance of asanas for beginners, and there are no challenges to physically active advanced practitioners.

In addition to physical yoga practice, Alexander also conducts musical meditations – Kirtan, where visitors have the opportunity to feel the effect of chanting mantras with music.

Yoga Nidra – Tuesday 20:30 – 21:30 Yoga District Amara

After a busy day, we can give ourselves a light, grounding practice that will give us the strength and peace of mind needed for a hectic and hard work week. Yoga Nidra is performed in complete peace and relaxation, as we will observe our breath and sensations, we will create our intention and we will relax every part of our body. This is an extremely powerful practice, with the regular implementation of which we can bring transformation in our lives. Wear comfortable clothes with which you can spend some time lying down.


Дишане и медитация

Friday – 18:50-19:50

Vinyasa yoga

Tuesday – 19:10-20:25

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