Александра Шихаде
Alexandra Shihade

The practices I lead are a combination of yoga and Pilates. My task is to teach you to skillfully alternate the moments of dynamic activity with those of complete rest. And everything we do on the mat, through perseverance and motivation by the results, inevitably begins to spread far beyond it.

The rhythm is sensual, the movements are gentle, the eyes are closed, the focus is inwards, and the results are seen in the improved connection with the body and the breath, with our strength and softness.

I am a certified Pilates instructor and yoga teacher at the Yoga Alliance.

For my spiritual path, I have chosen the path of the heart through bhakti yoga. I realized that the path of yoga is revealed differently to everyone, depending on individual searches. It is a path to authenticity. I am more than grateful that I have the opportunity to get closer to myself more and more, thanks to yoga, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to cooperate with you on your path to your authenticity, which lives in infinite bliss.



Tuesday – 17:00-18:00


Thursday – 17:00-18:00


Sunday – 17:15 -18:15

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