арома йога
Aroma yoga

A cleansing and relaxing practice that affects all the senses. During yoga practice you will be able to feel the aromas of beneficial essential oils in various forms. Diffusion (inhalation) of aromatic oils. Topical (local) application of oils on special areas or on pulse points of the body. AROMA yoga practice includes active asanas, concentration and relaxation. Essential oils are included in yoga practice, as their volatile molecules connect through our respiratory system to a center in the brain responsible for our emotions, feelings and memories while on a physical level, essential oils open our airways. Conscious breathing calms the nervous system and returns the body to a state of balance. Regular yoga in combination with selected essential oils improves sleep, has a positive effect on problems with the circadian rhythm of the person, improves the state of the nervous system, emotional states, as well as a number of physical ones, including hormonal imbalance and reduced stress levels. Yoga cleanses the body and mind and with the help of essential oils clears toxins from the body, improves metabolism and balances the mind.