отвъд ограниченията
Beyond the Limits – dance meditation practice

BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS is a dance-meditation practice that balances emotions and connects practitioners deeply with the body through movement, breathing and free dance techniques – no choreography, no learned steps, no matter age, gender or previous dance experience. BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS is to dance what you are today, to dance your moment now, to express yourself through your own dance interpretations and steps. Get rid of outdated and unnecessary patterns of behavior that stiffen you. BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS we see and accept our diversity, harmonize our inner world, explore and overcome our personal boundaries, expand our consciousness. It balances the masculine and feminine beginnings, clears energy clogs of stress, insecurity, anxiety and increases physical flexibility and endurance. BEYOND LIMITS is a dynamic meditation that reminds us that immobility in life is destructive and helps us to be complete in the present without the rigidity of the future and without getting lost in the past. BEYOND LIMITS helps us to find our individual pace and original steps to make our life journey exciting, full of curiosity and joy. Unfold and allow your body and spirit to move in one! Because the only restrictions are the ones we set for ourselves.