Десита Желязкова
Desita Zhelyazkova

Yoga teacher in HATHA yoga for beginners, DETOX yoga, as well as a consultant in healthy eating and nutritional supplements.

I have been practicing yoga actively for 6 years, I graduated from Lanetica School – “Lanetica. Yoga SPA EOOD, town of Plovdiv – founder Lana Petkova (Ukraine).

Yoga has completely changed my life and body. Yoga is above all a great ancient philosophical system, which comprehensively examines the development of human personality, and his physical body serves as an instrument of the spirit. The physical body will first benefit from what is happening inside you, and then it will give it an outward manifestation.

HATHA yoga is suitable for anyone who:

– wants to keep their health or regain it;

– have a clear mind and intellect, or want to improve them;

– having patience or wanting to develop it;

– they want to feel happiness and peace in their soul or want to feel them again.

Detox yoga is a complex of yoga and pilates. Anyone who wants quick results and an individual approach can claim their time with me.

Detox Yoga is an individual yoga class for those who want to:

– personal training program;

– fast physical results;

– cleansing the body of toxins;

– regulation of metabolism;

– sculpting a slender and healthy body;

– change and improve the way of life.

Healthy eating and taking supplements are a step we can take together on the path to your personal, spiritual and physical better (true) Self.

If you are one of the people who decide to take the path of yoga and seek change, transform your mind, spirit and body with me.



Aroma yoga

Saturday  – 18:00 – 19:00

Hatha Yoga for beginners

Saturday  – 15:00 -16:15

Hatha Yoga for beginners

Saturday  – 17:00-18:10

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