Yoga Detox is an effort of physical and spiritual purification, the passage through which can bring us harmony with ourselves.

Everyone’s personal reasons for undertaking detoxification and cleansing procedures are different. One wants to start a vegetarian diet, another – to stop alcohol, sweets or pasta! For others, they are a good way to lose weight or cleanse the accumulated toxins after losing weight.

Don’t like your body odor? You are doing or have done the grain diet – great – so you need to help flush out toxins from your body.

Weight loss?!?

Many people, in their desire to lose weight, start diets, go to the gym, yoga, pilates, calanetics, whatever. Without actually thinking about the high level of toxins in their body.

Achieving a result, and losing the desired 5 or 10 kg, actually increases the relative level of toxins in the tissues, and the body engages all its self-preservation mechanisms – it begins to gain weight, simply to reduce intoxication. This is how the so-called yo-yo effect is obtained.

An overloaded and crowded digestive tract causes many harmful, unpleasant and even depressing consequences for our lives. If you suffer or have suffered from constipation, you don’t need anyone to convince you of its negative effects – you know this from your own experience.

In Yoga there are transportable and, at the same time, simple methods for stimulating peristalsis, as well as for general cleansing of the digestive system and detoxification of the whole body.

Skin Problems?

Many skin problems are associated with the contents of our gastrointestinal tract, which is actually an external environment for us!

Breathing problems? and difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils.

The feeling of not getting enough air is an experience approaching the state of a panic attack. It can even cause one.

Do you have swelling or thickening of the nasal mucosa?! Are your sinuses blocked?

This leads to an accumulation of secretions in the paranasal cavities. Retention of secretion damages the mucosa and predisposes to the development of infection. The infection causes further changes in the lining and narrows the sinus openings. This in a vicious circle, which, however, can be broken!

Do you have an allergy?

Many scientific studies claim that the cause of this is the parasites in your body!

They accumulate in colonies in the gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic system, joints and even muscles.

Often, we practice yoga for years, and we seem to stand still – there is no progress. Sometimes we seem to go backwards in our development. Again, for various reasons, we begin to attend yoga practices or try to meditate, and no one tells us that yoga is not a physical, but an energy technology, and that the spiritual component (not even if we are looking for one) and the calming of the disturbances of mind depends on whether we have purified our bodies to allow the energy within them to move.

Undertaking the purification procedures is a good solution for the situation that has arisen.

Price of the consultation: BGN 60/hour

Facilitator: Serge