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Group regression

Have you ever had the feeling that “you know this place… or this person„ “? And did you have the feeling that “you always knew” some specific information? Or that you just know how to do a certain activity that you have never done before. All this knowledge has always been a part of us. We carry this information life after life, in each of our subsequent incarnations. In this meeting we will talk about our past lives and how you can reach this knowledge easily and pleasantly. I will tell you cases with my clients and I will describe to you how a journey in the past, led by me, goes. Of course, I will leave time to answer your questions. We will then dive into group regression on site. In about 20 minutes, everyone present will have the opportunity to peek into their most important past life, to see it, feel it and live it for a few short moments… We will also look for the message from this past life of yours to your present rebirth here on Earth.