Илона Кръстева
Ilona Krasteva

I deeply believe in the power of the mind and the qualities that every person possesses. And they are subject to training!
Ilona is a certified trainer in EI / EQ, business and life
coach, NLP practitioner, Bachelor of Finance and Management.
Long-term entrepreneur, has experience in senior management
positions Partner in the Eurodevelopment 2007 Foundation. Professional athlete . After retiring from corporate leadership she finds
her vocation as a coach and trainer. Active mentor in
programs for young entrepreneurs. Business Consultant Analyst.
Today Ilona works with people in individual sessions, in boutique groups.
Conducts corporate trainings and team building.
She has created several author’s programs for discovering and unfolding the authentic potential of a person. Applies innovative approaches and techniques of learning, simulations, creativity, reflection and play as a key element.
“I deeply believe in the power of the opportunities and qualities that every person has, regardless of age, gender, religion. I love my job passionately, it is a challenge, it is a search, it is a journey, it is
a discovery, it is an achieved happiness! I am inspired by the achievements of the people I work with. It is a pleasure to share practices, knowledge and skills with
which I live. The perfect opportunity to make the place we live in a more meaningful and environment with emotionally cultured, successful people, here in the beautiful
our Bulgaria.



Saturday  – 12:45 -14:15

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