Individual ayurveda consultation

During a consultation, the individual Prakriti – Ayurvedic “DNA” and the presence of an imbalance in the Doshas, in the body and mind, are determined. The unique for each Prakriti consists of the five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth in a strictly individual ratio called Dosha. Prakriti is established by observing pulse and tongue, discussing daily difficulties, habits and preferences, etc. A dosha is a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics and dispositions. Doshas are affected by food intake, thoughts, emotional state, surrounding family and social environment, change in age, annual seasons, etc. Ayurveda seeks to balance and maintain the harmony of the individual with that of his environment and Nature.

Determining the unique psycho-physiological structure (Prakriti) is the first step, after which a comprehensive program is drawn up to bring the body and mind into balance through proper nutrition, daily regimen, herbs and therapies. The holistic program is prepared in writing, according to both Prakriti and Vikriti (imbalance).

The consultation is suitable for people who aim for prevention and for people with chronic or diagnosed health problems. During the consultation, home self-treatment methods in the short and long term are also discussed.

Duration of an individual consultation – from 1.5 to 2 hours.