Iva Delibasheva

I met yoga in 2003 and it was ‘Love at First Sight’! I have been practicing daily ever since. Yoga for me is a balanced system that contains everything we need in the modern world to cope with all the challenges, to rediscover ourselves and to achieve devotion and unity. By gradually entering yoga and studying its elements, we enter deeper into ourselves. We get clarity about what the mind is and how to point it in the right direction for us. We come to understand and accept our own personality, and more clearly define its parameters. Then begins the most creative part – its expansion and transformation.
Over time, Yoga inevitably becomes a way of life and an opportunity for self-expression and development. It is an infinite, comprehensive and deep philosophical and practical system in which there is room for everyone and everyone can find themselves in it!

Dynamic yoga practice:

Dynamic yoga practice is a balanced sequence of asanas and breathing techniques through which we improve our health, improve the health of our spine and correct our breathing habits. The practice frees us from the accumulated stress and any ailments, frees us from the wrong thought patterns, improves our mood and brings new light into our lives, with which we can transform it through a different view of everything happening in it. Yoga practice helps us to prolong the present moment and begin to live in it. Let’s stop wasting time in doubts, fears, projections and assumptions. Let’s dedicate all our energy to what is happening here and now.


Dynamic hatha yoga

Tuesday – 10:30 – 11:30

Dynamic hatha yoga

Thursday – 10:30 – 11:30

Dynamic hatha yoga

Saturday – 9:30-10:30

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