Ивета Станиславова
Iveta Stanislavova

Iveta became acquainted with oriental dances, becoming part of the Sarab oriental dance school, and remains in their captivity to this day. Thanks to her main teacher Boriana Dimitrova – oriental dance, she studies the history and evolution of dance. Over the years he has attended various seminars of great foreign dancers from Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, Canada. Thanks to all the lessons and guidelines, she manages to build her own style of dancing, which combines classical and modern style in oriental dance.

She has been trained as a lecturer by Boryana Dimitrova and teaches according to an already established methodology.

Iveta has been dancing since she was a child. In elementary school she attended sports rock and roll lessons, then for 3 years she danced folk dances. In high school she focused on the hip hop style, which she still does today. She also dances cabaret dances on high heels.


Oriental dance

Wednesday – 19:30 – 20:30

Oriental dance

Sunday – 12:00 – 01:00

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