Кали Николова
Kali Nikolova

Kalina Nikolova is a 200-hour certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor at the Yoga Alliance.
In addition, Kalina Nikolova prefers not to be too serious in her performance, because she believes that we all need to be more like children – sincere, cheerful, loving and playing without fear. Yoga for me is as much practice and devotion as it is play or dance.
I encountered yoga consciously in 2011. I didn’t know then that it would become a ray of light, an anchor, an ocean, an air, the clearest path for myself. Yoga is the only instrument that managed to unite:
• my desire to create, learn and fill my existence with beauty, strength and love;
• my need to share a spiritual connection that I feel is a tangible reality within myself;
• enjoying the capacity of the physical body and discovering how many amazing things it is actually capable of as long as you find the right approach and work with it;
• my interest in spiritual and esoteric knowledge and working with finer bodies and energies.
And so. Here I am!” I still have a lot to learn. I give my best. I Love And do so at every moment. .


Yin yoga

Sunday  – 13:30 -14:30

Yin yoga

Saturday – 17:15-18:45

Yin yoga

Sunday – 17:00 -18:15

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