Лора Семерджиева
Lora Semerdzhieva

I am Laura and I want to tell about my work and what I can be useful and serve for the whole, for all of us Together ♥ ️

From a young age I wanted to become a healer, but then I gave up because I realized that I am very sensitive and traditional medicine is not for me. I couldn’t stand the drugs either.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been involved in creativity and music through courses in sport dancing, singing in a choir, solfeggio, playing the piano, participating in musical productions, writing poetry and reading books, combined with many childhood dreams.

And so far I am attracted to harmony and beauty in everything around me – nature, relationships (with family, friends, partner, myself), to decorate and arrange a certain space, to create this Beauty and Harmony in everything I do. I also learned a lot from the Ikebana course.

Growing up, I began to enter the world of adults, which took me away from many of my childhood dreams. I got a degree in Law at the university and I am a Lawyer by education, but doing this at one point I realized that this type of work does not bring me the joy and dreams of the little girl inside.

After crucial, deep and very difficult moments for me and my family, holistic treatment and homeopathy came first, which saved me from severe sinusitis and surgery and countless medicines (which I no longer use and do not have at home).

As soon as my daughter came along, I realized that I could heal her with my energy and prayers while she slept.

Then I met the dance-meditation practice Beyond the Limits and I am a certified teacher. I can describe it as Love at first sight. Through dance, gesture and movement we connect with our body, our temple and home and we trust this place to lead us to freedom and infinity – Beyond the limits!

BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS is a dance-meditation practice that balances emotions and connects practitioners deeply with the body through movement, breathing and free dance techniques – no choreography, no learned steps, no matter age, gender or previous dance experience.

BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS is to dance what you are today, to dance your moment now, to express yourself through your own dance interpretations and steps. Get rid of outdated and unnecessary patterns of behavior that stiffen you.

BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS we see and accept our diversity, harmonize our inner world, explore and overcome our personal boundaries, expand our consciousness.

The magic of yoga also came to me. Touching the mat, every time I realize something new about myself, about my inner and vast world, the whole ocean. The experience cannot be described in words, it is so deep. Since then, Yoga has been my way of life and connection with myself and the world. I share yoga with others through the classes I teach.

Yoga is a Magic that changes Life and how you perceive it.

I kept looking for more and the next exciting meeting came with the course for Bach Essences and Bach Therapist, as I am at the moment.

The drops heal our Soul, our emotions, they act on an energy level and are completely harmless, made of flowers. Through them we can achieve balance within ourselves and this will be manifested in the world around us in every sphere. Dr. Bach says Heal Yourself, regain the joy of Life. This message of his was very much in line with myself and my views and feelings.

Combined with this, in my work, I include Akashic records in energy healing (Akasha is a spiritual resource that allows us to know our true nature, get rid of negative patterns, thoughts, behavior and grow in awareness), I am attuned to energy of the Violet Flame, I lead healing meditations, messages from the Angels, prayers, mantras, shamanic practices.

I make handmade, energy-charged jewelry from natural stones. These stones that pass through my hands connect me with Mother Earth and Nature. For me, every time they are like a New Birth and something unique and unrepeatable. This is how I create harmony and beauty through madeBylove madeByLora with a lot of Love for you.

All the methods I use heal our body, soul and mind on an energetic and deep level.

My mission and vocation is to help each of us remember Who He really is and to restore the lost connection with God and Love within ourselves, to heal ourselves, through a desire for change and awareness,

#to be Sun and Light, which will illuminate the Way for all seeking Souls.

♥ ️

With love Laura



Yoga for opening the heart

Tuesday – 19:30-20:45

Yoga for opening the heart

Thursday – 19:40 -20:45

“Beyond the Limits” – dance meditation practice

Friday – 19:10 – 20:10

“Beyond the Limits” – dance meditation practice

Sunday – 12:00 – 13:10

Yoga for opening the heart

Wednesday – 11:00 – 12:00

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