Мария Донова
Maria Donova

Maria Danailova Donova, born on August 28, 1954 in Sofia.

I had a wonderful childhood in the timelessness of communism. After finishing my primary education, I took my path to the trade profession. Trade Technical School in Lozenets, VII Karl Marx, / now UNWE /, specialty Economics of Domestic Trade. At that time, it was impossible for Nikola Petkovist and Kulak’s granddaughter to study international economic relations. Specialties of this kind, including medicine, were reserved for children, nephews of the higher nomenclature. My sister, with full honors from the 32nd high school, received a silver medal precisely because of her inheritance and was not allowed to study medicine.

In the meantime, I got married, had a child, divorced and graduated in absentia. I now have an older child and two grandchildren.

Obviously at that time I was right without realizing it, but I understood that I could not choose, decide and be responsible, because that was what the PA did. Graduation found me in a foreign trade enterprise in a low-skilled position, but for the above reasons I was not made a trader after a survey of staff in the neighborhood. And with the help of my former college student, I became a trade economics teacher at the school I graduated from. And that was so from 1982 to 1992. I devoted myself to the profession, took exams for pedagogical profile, qualification class, open lessons at the national level, national competitions and a lot of fun. With the financial help of my mother I bought a Trabant, my son and I went skiing, English lessons, Bansko.

Meanwhile, the revolution came, the change of order and my time. During 91st I taught commercial law, market economics. For our qualification in the field, I went to the United States to specialize. To my surprise, it turned out that my interest in the political economy of capitalism made me perform well. There I learned that the most important thing on the globe was the entrepreneur who is watered and grown in America. I dived into this endeavor to this day. I went through the times of riots, racketeering, robberies, high inflation, privatization …, nomination for business lady in 2006. My son and a boy economists became my partners, I gradually retired from business and took it easy.

As for yoga, my father in deep communism went to the sports hall for practices, played at home with my son, chased me with the book by Ventsislav Evtimov from the 81st. I was distracted, I used eye exercises that had an instant effect, then I read more literature and that’s it. It wasn’t until 2007, after a severe trauma, that I seriously realized the benefits of yoga, far from being just physical.


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