Мартин Александров
Martin Alexandrov

Hi, my name is Martin (Somananda) and I’m 30. In 2012 I started to watch what I eat and train, so I lost 60 kg. Unexpectedly, the change was more on a mental level. One day while drinking a cleansing lemonade for a long time, I experienced the so-called spiritual awakening.
From that moment on, spiritual realizations only became more spectacular and difficult to ignore.

I have been practicing Yoga for 7 years, and the last 3 of them I have been practicing Pranayama and Meditation seriously.

In this class I teach Pranayama (breathing control) and Meditation. I would be happy to introduce those interested to the philosophy of yoga and meditation so that you can practice alone at home, not just in groups. Above all, I would like you to follow your thoughts and realize the true Self in yourself. Take control of your mind, not the other way around. We need to follow our thoughts. Thoughts turn into actions, and actions into character. The mind is a great servant, but a very bad master. 🧘🏻♂️🧘🏻♀️

I use mantras and visualizations combined with breath control (pranayama) to avoid the thought process as much as possible. In addition to ancient philosophy, I also combine modern scientific discoveries related to meditation for maximum predisposition of followers.

I will be happy together to raise human consciousness to new heights. Namaste!



Pranayama and meditation

Monday -12:45 -14:00

Pranayama and meditation

Sunday – 18:30 -19:45

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