Полина Рийд
Polina Reed

Polly Reed (Yoga Glow) completed a Hatha Yoga course at the Yoga Alliance in Qatar in 2014. In 2017 he completed a course at the Bulgarian Ashtanga Yoga Academy. Practices with her include breathing techniques, postures for tightening the body and stretching the muscles, as well as this inner awakening that we all seek.

“Yoga is in our heart”! Classes allow us to feel, to understand ourselves and not to resist. Every practice is different because a person changes every day, so it is good not to have expectations and not to compare it with anything learned or experienced before. The teacher just shows and guides, but we should try everything ourselves. Enter the hall in peace and leave with wisdom and inner joy.

And if all this was achieved, then the time was significant!


Yoga for everyone

Tuesday – 18:20-19:20

Yoga for everyone

Wednesday – 17:20 – 18:20

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