Пранаяма и медитация
Pranayama and Meditation

From the beginning of human history, we have used sounds to express emotions or to evoke a state of heightened attention in the listener. In recent decades, scientists have been actively studying exactly how sound and vibration affect our physical and energetic bodies and minds so deeply. Even our voice contains specific frequencies that provide information about the state of our health. Our ability to listen also influences our voice. When our ability to listen is compromised, our ability to use our voice is impaired. The purpose of the sound that will be used is to create peace and tranquility in your mind, to calm the inner dialogue, to be just who you are – yourself.

Pranayama, also known as “breath work,” is a powerful meditation aid and a means of balancing yourself. Prana means “life force” and “ayama” means “regulation of expansion.” Breathing practices help to increase our vitality and connect us with higher levels of consciousness. Pranayama helps us work closely with the “realm of energies”, promotes the free flow of energy in our body, increases relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, regulates blood pressure and increases our energy. Breathing practices massage the internal organs and help to process the emotions stored in the diaphragm.