лечебно пеене
Sound therapy

A little more about what is the SOUND THERAPY class and what is the natural voice?
To explain well what a natural voice is, I will answer some of the questions that arise in each.
If you want to reveal the beauty of your natural voice to better communicate, to cure your anxiety of speaking in front of people, or to be able to express at any time every YES or NO that sits like stone in your throat, you need to know your voice and its natural capabilities. From the earliest childhood we are faced with the contradiction of whether or not to express our voice!While we are babies, they enjoy our every cooing and screaming even, and not later than a few years, we begin to hear exactly the opposite and contradictory orders of silence coming from parents, teachers and the whole guild of adults raising us. This is when the first restraints occur. In the same place in the throat, a whole palette of unexpressed feelings, emotions, unspoken words, unexpressed anger, silent sadness starts to gather and remains there for our lives.
And all this leads to tension, blockages and diseases in our throat, and in our whole body.
With the help of the exercises in the class, in Sound Therapy, we manage to effectively remove the blockages and release our true NATURAL VOICE!
And this naturally affects the timbre, strength, range, diction, self-confidence and our own voice!And it is good for health!
Welcome to revive OUR NATURAL VOICE together!
The voice is life!The baby is born and declares this with his VOICE!
The voice is a new birth!The voice is knowledge for oneself!The voice is the expression of feelings and emotions!The voice is a character!The voice is creativity!The voice is our inner freedom!The voice is LOVE
This practice aims to relieve each practitioner of the accumulated stress in the body and mind. By chanting certain sounds, word combinations, mantras, we work with them on all levels, creating certain vibrations that have a healing, cleansing and recharging effect.
There is no need for prior preparation. Each participant is involved according to his personal level of development, the goal is not to develop the vocal abilities of your voice, so how you sound is not essential.
The main purpose of this activity is:
balancing all chakras and systems in the body and building:
-ability to know our own body and its sounds
-charging your energy system with clean energy through group sound (so it is possible to add these vibrations that we do not produce)
-improving communication skills (voice becomes more confident, denser and crystal clear).
The other benefits and opportunities are arbitrary for everyone, as every personal effort is known, it brings personal benefits, whatever we sow this and we will reap.
Whatever we sound, we will sound in life.