Tantra consultations

Many spiritual and religious traditions call for denying, overcoming, or avoiding the body. But what would happen if we understood that our body is a portal to a higher consciousness – and sexual energy is a conduit for spiritual bliss, abundance and prosperity?

Tantra Counseling is aimed at seeking women, men and couples who want to expand their horizons and explore their maximum potential.

For women

We live in a fast-paced, male-dominated world and women often experience enormous daily pressure and stress caused by the need to work and be financially independent; building a home and raising children while supporting their partner, and trying to fit in sports, pleasures and adventures among other things! This is a huge challenge for your body, heart and mind. After time, more intimate problems appear such as pain during love, lack of sensation and reduced sensitivity, difficulties with experiencing orgasm.

For man

As a man living in the modern world, you are under constant pressure to perform and deliver, in your workplace and in your relationship. This, combined with your upbringing, lack of understanding and support for your feelings, ridicule or bullying for showing and expressing your emotions, or simply being shamed by your friends and colleagues for being “weak” or a “failure”, it causes you to shut down and preserve your natural, human and divine right to feel and feel. With time and constant neglect, you begin to turn into a hardened and sour being and become an “emotional” time bomb. This leads to low self-esteem, illnesses, low sexual libido, premature ejaculation or rage and violence.

This is not nature’s design. Women and Men are not born this way and everyone is capable of changing that.

For couples

Being in a couple means constantly facing new, unexpected and challenging situations. Unlike singles, here you have to consider your partner’s needs and wants, deal with his or her traumas and emotional baggage, and learn how to live in your truth while in a relationship. To do this, you must learn your partner’s innermost needs, know his or her fears and fantasies, and fulfill his or her desires the way he or she wants them fulfilled, without compromising your own needs. , desires and fantasies.

This is not easy! If your or your partner’s pain, trauma, and fear are getting in the way of your relationship, you may need outside help.

Tantra Couples Counseling can help you identify and resolve conflicts to design, build and live a life of understanding and mutual support.

You will benefit from Tantra Counseling for Couples if:

– both of you are unhappy in bed

– you lose interest in each other

– you argue constantly and blame each other

– you want to develop as a couple and deepen your relationship

– you want to improve your relationship and learn to recognize your needs

– you are looking for alternative ways to design your relationship that will allow you the freedom to express and live your needs and fantasies

Tantra is a path not only to sexual ecstasy, but also to personal healing, development and fulfillment.

Enter your body

Your life can be controlled by your mind. Through heightened body awareness, you can live a heart-centered, powerful life, intuitively making decisions that support your growth. You are able to reconnect with your deep inner wisdom. Being whole in your body is essential to the great sex we all deserve.

Growing up

You can come closer to understanding how to take responsibility for your life, claim your right to say yes and no, master your integrity, and stand firmly on your own two feet.

Create an amazing relationship

I teach advanced skills. They will be yours to use every day, helping you create strong, loving and nurturing relationships. Our primary purpose is to reach, practice and expand our capacity to love. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Awaken your loving, powerful and authentic self.

In our time together – we will explore generating the vibrational states for your energy movement, as a platform for your healing and access to expanded states of consciousness.

Be Good!

Be healthy!