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I’m Albena. Mother of a first-grader and accomplished professional with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Certified yoga instructor and realistic dreamer in action. For more than 15 years, I have constantly sought an opportunity to control and plan my life, racing through dozens of professional and personal commitments. And the really important things were often left for tomorrow. Familiar right? But the opportunity found me alone 5 years ago, and quite by accident. And as they say – there really are no random things. That’s why I believe that landing on this page, watching this video, we meet not by chance. It was exactly 5 years ago that I first encountered yoga, never realizing that it would become a natural part of my life. The story is long, so I won’t bore you. More importantly, it never occurred to me that something like this could change my life entirely. To help me overcome a particularly difficult period in my life, and then to keep me fit in everyday life. That it will teach me that even when we have no control over our circumstances, we have control over ourselves. That we can take real control of our lives, not have them control us. Let’s start accepting ourselves, trusting ourselves, loving ourselves. Let’s not put our lives on hold. And even today, let’s put the most important task in our calendar – time for ourselves. Yoga is far from a magical tool. And we’re not going to get a super model body or build perfect peace of mind in 30 days. In fact, yoga is the world’s oldest extant system of inner balance and harmony – physical, mental, emotional. A system that step by step allows us to get out of the matrix without running away from life as it is. That’s why every exercise, every program I share with you is practically oriented. It doesn’t take much time. We can easily start with 15 minutes a day. Easy to follow and apply. And I hope you will share the results with me. It would be my pleasure to help more of you feel comfortable in your own skin and regain a sense of balance and harmony in life. I deeply believe that the more we come back to ourselves and put our inner home in order, the more comfortable we will feel with ourselves and in our common life.


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