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Ani Peicheva

Annie graduated from the National Academy of Sciences in 1998 with the profile of a teacher of physical education from grades 1 to 12, worked as a teacher for a while and then changed her activity very abruptly, becoming an insurance agent, and after 5 years became a manager in a commercial fashion company. After 8 years of working in this company, she returned to her movement culture by discovering yoga.
She began to practice by self-developing herself, and began to feel yoga as a way of life, and embraced this philosophy. She says that yoga is a non-stop process of knowledge, search, research that is accessible to everyone! A process in which a person keeps reinventing himself, upgrading and being the better version of himself.
Annie has had several teachers along her path of building and development, most recently completing 200Hours Yoga Alliance in 2021. What is so important to her is how you feel about what you do, not how many certificates you have.
If you have to define it in one sentence: Yoga is a system of practices and knowledge, the purpose of which is for rapid human evolution!



Stretching and meditation

Hatha Yoga

Movement and health (intensive class)