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Anna Koteva


All my life I have loved movement, and for several years I have been actively involved in yoga. I completed a course for teachers at Yoga Alliance and fulfilled a dream of mine!
My goal is to show people that yoga is for everyone, and that’s why in my practices I always give variations of asanas for both beginners and advanced. Come and practice together to unleash your potential!

About the practices:

I lead Yoga stretching and Yoga flow
In Yoga Stretching I emphasize both stretching the body and improving mobility.

In Yoga Flow, I combine a variety of poses, moving from one pose to another. We work for the whole body and strengthen it, while the mind is calmed to reach the higher self.

At the end of each practice, I set aside time for relaxation. A time to rest, to realize and feel the effect of the practice and to connect with ourselves.