Anna Popova

For as long as I can remember I have always been connected to the spiritual. Yoga found me ten years ago when I was working in a serious American company. I fell in love with her from the first practice and that love just kept getting bigger. With the practices, I not only relieved myself of stress, got the necessary dose of sport, but also began to clear psycho-emotional blockages, to expand my consciousness. Soon after that I also stopped eating meat, my body was cleansing. I stopped attracting people who did not respect and value me as I deserved. All the most significant transformation in my life on all levels happened and is happening with the help of yoga. I realized that my greatest happiness is to pass this love and inspiration on to others through my own practices. I completed a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor course. My favorite styles are hatha and dynamic vinyasa flow, but I continue to learn and enrich myself because yoga is a vast cosmos. An endless journey in which we find ourselves. And thanks to which we are constantly improving. I am grateful to be able to reveal this journey to you as well.


Weight loss and tightening yoga

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