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Betina Venkova

For her, yoga is a way to get to know your body and find a way to yourself. Regular yoga and stretching practices become an invariable part of her life. It is inspired by the progress made on the yoga mat, as well as training in aerial acrobatics on a hoop and veils, which played an important role in developing her flexibility and plasticity. As a child, she trained in Latin American dance, which contributed to her discipline, grace, ease of movement and athletic training. One of her main qualities, acquired from her professional career as a jewelry designer, is to pay extreme attention to detail, which will also be observed in the practices led by her and the correct execution of each pose. Her passion for yoga began three years ago. With great desire and enthusiasm, she underwent numerous trainings and earned a yoga teacher certificate, allowing her to lead practices on an international scale. She constantly improves himself and believes that regular practice and perseverance lead to the achievement of unsuspected results. She is ready to fill you with her inspiration and give you the desire and motivation that will help you touch a different yoga practice. Her classes will be primarily focused on flexibility and plasticity of the body. Her classes are suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness – from complete beginners to very advanced. She will always offer you variations of poses so that the practice is accessible to everyone. People who choose to attend her classes do not need flexibility to practice, but a willingness to develop and change, which will inevitably occur with regular visits and dedication. As an artist, she feels free to be creative in her practices as well and will help you grow in the endless challenge that yoga-stretching and all the other practices she leads will offer you.