Даниел Младенов
Daniel Mladenov

My name is Daniel and I have been practicing yoga for several years. It all started for health reasons – I was struggling with being overweight and I didn’t feel good in my own body, to such an extent that I felt like a stranger. One fine day, I decided to take my health into my own hands and stepping on the mat quickly fell in love with yoga. I built a new healthy lifestyle and in just 8 months I lost 25 kg. unnecessary mass. Unconsciously, I began to inspire practitioners around me to also give 100% of themselves, for themselves, with a smile on their face to achieve the desired results. There were feelings of achievement, happiness, inner harmony, as well as a vocation for me – the vocation to share what I have learned and to help those seeking youth and longevity.

The practice is suitable for anyone who wants to give health and happiness!


Vinyasa Yoga

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