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Daniya Alyaeva

Im yoga Iyengar teaher.I have been doing yoga for over 13 years. Teaching for 5 years. Completed distance learning at the Russian Yoga Federation and the India institude in Pune. Passed exams in anatomy, women’s yoga, yoga with high and low blood pressure. yoga therapy, etc. I regularly attend seminars on various topics of yoga. I always have an individual approach to everyone. In Kazakhstan, I taught in a large network of fitness clubs and yoga studios, in which I had more than 50 students, of which three became teachers. studied with teachers: Olga Burlakova (junior int 2), Dina Shlekenova (junior int 1), Igor Padmazin (senior int 1), Gulnara Galina (junior int 2).  also trained: Elena Ulmasbayeva (senior int. 3), Sergey Ugryumov (junior int. 2), Maria Shatlanova (junior int 2), Natalia Luzhanskaya (junior int 3), Gabriela Dzhubilyaro (senior int 1), Abidjata Iyengar (senior int 3)