Даниел Липчев

Hey! My name is Danny and I am 27, I practice yoga and martial arts, I study massage techniques intensively and I am constantly studying in order to become the best version of Me. Before I got on this road about 5 years ago, I was going down a very different track. I graduated in International Business with Japanese in England, lived for a year in Japan, worked in several giant corporations, studied exact sciences and had an extremely critical and material view of the world.

I managed to overcome my negative attitudes towards life by entering the world of yoga. At that time I was 115 kg, smoking 2 packs a day, taking anti-depressants and eating whatever I could get my sight on, overall, I was one of the unhealthiest people you could meet. The door to the path of yoga was shown to me by my father, who had reached a simillar situation but 5-6 years earlier. He taught me a lot, but being the wayward rebel I was, it took me years to get ready, but as the saying goes, the pear doesn’t fall much farther from the tree.

In the last years since I returned to Bulgaria, I have been learning how to balance material and spiritual pursuits, and how to raise my consciousness, keeping my feet firmly on the ground. I discovered many more teachers, and found many more doors to places that were worth exploring. A difficult task, which I accomplished with the help from the world of martial arts.

I started to be interested in them while I was living in Japan, but I have been practicing for only 2 years, when my opinion of the world and the “reality” of the world clashed. I had to seriously rethink everything I did and start over.


In the process of searching for optimal functionality of the body and movement, I began to study human structure and anatomy. There my interest in Thai massage and various other techniques for healing interaction with the body arose. Dozens of seminars later, this is one of the best skills I carry in my arsenal. 

In yoga it is said that there are 5 ways to move energy.  Movement, touch, sound, attention and breathing. My goal is to study and improve in the use of all methods so that I can become the ideal conductor and transformer of all kinds of energy that the universe throws my way and the word that most accurately defines my search is: 

Moksha – freedom from the suffering of worldly existence


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