Десислава Златанова
Desislava Zlatanova

Yoga instructor, homeopath, therapist Australian flower essences and  initiated in reiki level II. In this world of the material, we often neglect the spiritual. For me, yoga is
one of the ways to reach the spiritual, to know oneself,
harmonizing the emotional and physical level of the imbalance caused by our daily lives. In my practices, my goal is to release and process the accumulated stress and negative patterns, reaching a healing effect by releasing blockages in the emotional body, better mobility, flexibility, calm mind, connection to the Source and return to one’s own self. Let love, forgiveness and gratitude in your heart and learn to think healthy because healthy thoughts heal the body “Forgive and forget, because until you forgot you did not forgive.
“PRACTICES STRETCHING IN A HAMMOCK ” The practice focuses mainly on techniques for stretching and increasing the flexibility of the body with the help of a yoga hammock. Stretching restores, strengthens and maintains the elasticity of the circulatory system and provides blood supply to all organs and systems. Yoga hammock promotes more correct and easy execution of movements, gives lightness and has a restorative effect on the whole body thanks to gravity, improves posture, slows down the aging process by increasing the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to cells, calms the nervous system and mind . 
Yin yoga
In Yin yoga classes, by holding in passive positions for a long period of time, we influence the deep muscle tissues, fascia, tendons and joints, release tension and pain, calm the mind, reaching inner peace and harmony with ourselves. By relieving physical stress and expanding consciousness, we have a positive effect on both our physical and emotional state.


Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yoga

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