Екатерина Георгиева
Ekaterina Georgieva

Hello, I am Ekaterina Georgieva, a certified yoga teacher, I am studying rehabilitation in my last year at the Yordanka Filaretova Medical College, I have a Reiki second level initiation, a second level osteopathy course and others.

My personal development began in 2010. Which was a year of a lot of change for me. The study of different philosophies and different health systems from East and West was interesting. Knowledge began to push me more and more towards a healthy life, I began to understand what is useful for different body types. Why what is good for me is bad for another and vice versa.

In 2017 I started teaching group yoga classes, and in 2018 my curiosity took me to the Yordanka Filaretova Medical College in Sofia, majoring in rehabilitation.

I am currently teaching group classes in the yoga district mandala – therapeutic gymnastics for the spine and thematic yoga. The practices are in accordance with the principles of kinesitherapy. I use special exercises and positions from kinesitherapy, breathing gymnastics, therapeutic self-massage, yoga asanas, exercises with and without equipment, etc.

It is important to know that the movement does not necessarily have to be completed. It should not cause pain, but a feeling of release.


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