Елеонора Иванова
Eleonora Ivanova

Eleonora Ivanova has been practicing yoga intensively for 10 years.

She ignited her passion while in New York, where she went to study acting. There she dove into the great ocean of opportunities for personal development and took advantage of the vast yoga offerings. Her curiosity made her try all the styles and  enrich herself from each of them. Iyengar deepend her knowledge of the correct performance of individual yoga asanas. Ashtanga yoga taught her the power of perseverance. Vinyasa yoga of diversity and the joy of the new. Kundalini yoga captivates her with its powerful and purifying effect on the mind and body. See received her Kundalini yoga training at Golden Bridge, New York.

The practices she leads are varied and aimed at relieving the daily accumulated stress, as well as aiming to achieve a sense of pleasure of being in your temple and home, namely your body.


Antistress Yoga