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Eli Plocheva

My name is Elena Plocheva and I studied Psychology and Human Management. Resources, and I have been practicing Yoga for 13 years. I completed a Pilates instructor course in 2015 in the city of Sofia, and in 2017 I also completed a one-month certification course for a Yoga teacher – 200 hours. in the city of Trivandrum, India.
I started doing Pilates and Yoga for physical exercise because I like movement and an active lifestyle, but I didn’t want to gain bulky muscles.

Over time, Yoga has changed my life, as regular practice inevitably leads to development on a mental and spiritual level.
I would also add that Yoga develops flexibility and balance not only in the body, but also in the mind of the practitioner.
The yogalates class I lead is a combination of exercises for certain muscle groups – eg. stomach, butt, legs, and yoga poses that train the smaller muscle groups and develop the elasticity of the body. Yogalates is a workout that tones the mind and body at the same time.

Eli Plocheva


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