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Fani Bachvarova

Fanny was introduced to yoga already in her teenage years, but then on the one hand she grabbed it, on the other hand she failed to keep her interest in a deep practice. A few years later, she set out on her own to find her way again, and for 10 years now, the practice has been an integral part of her personality – emotional, spiritual and physical. For her, yoga is a constant development, a way to feel the change in yourself, a way to achieve the change and a way to enjoy it. Her practices combine exactly this dynamic of the human essence – Vinyasaflow with an element of creativity, endurance and relaxing relaxation for the mind and body. Fanny is a certified yoga teacher with YogaAlliance from the Yoga & Ayurveda Center, Pennsylvania, USA, also trained in restorative yoga (restorative yoga), yoga for the physically challenged and Ayurvedic nutrition. She believes that yoga practice is a way of self-expression and we constantly learn to hear and understand our own voice.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow – Stretching

Functional Vinyasa Yoga

Streching yoga

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