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Fani Zafirova-Spasova

Fani Zafirova-Spasova is a certified vinyasa and hatha yoga yoga teacher. She is passionate about sports and has been doing strength and conditioning training and running long distances for years. She discovered yoga by accident after suffering an injury that prevented her from moving in any other way. He got into a vinyasa class and from then on he was hooked on the practice. In yoga philosophy finds for itself a deeper meaning than the purely physical performance of the asanas. She strongly believes that yoga is what can bring us back to balance in difficult times, help us reveal our true potential, connect better with our body and learn better to recognize the signals it sends. sends us.

Fanny believes that the principles of yoga are universal for everyone and it is undoubtedly one of the practices that help us explore our limits, both physically and mentally. It also teaches us to be humble, to respect boundaries, to accept and work with them, to find comfort even in discomfort.