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Galina Lambeva

My name is Galina Lambeva. I am a lawyer by profession and Pilates is my favorite way to keep my body healthy, strong and flexible and my mind balanced and calm.
The Pilates I lead combines classical Pilates with yoga and relaxation, using equipment such as pilates balls, rings, bands, dumbbells and more. I combine what I learned from the Bulgarian and Swiss schools of modern Pilates, for which I am certified, with my personal experience in yoga, Pilates and fitness.
The purpose of the practice is to develop primarily the deepest musculature in the body, which is responsible for a stable musculoskeletal system, for maintaining and protecting the internal organs, for a beautiful, upright posture, sculpted muscles, as well as for achieving a state of internal balance.
Without overloading the joints and muscles, with concentrated, conscious movements, we achieve health, elegance and finesse.
The practice is also a wonderful way to relieve stress and enter a state of peace and joy.”


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