Гергана Симеонова
Gergana Simeonova
Gerry accepts the world with a smile on her face and unquenchable curiosity. She has a master’s degree in medical chemistry and is currently studying psychology.
Her love for yoga was born about 3 years ago, when she underwent a big leap in her personal growth and since then it has been an integral part of her life. She is certified as a teacher of classical yoga and yoga for pregnant women at the Yoga Alliance. She adores mountains and animals and draws strength and inspiration from them.
Her innate attraction to the spiritual, combined with her passion for the exact sciences, enable her to know the world in a different and holistic way and to realize the inseparable connection between body, mind and heart. She believes that achieving harmony and balance between them is of particular importance for modern humans.
Yoga helps Gerry to go inward, to get to know herself, to find her inner center, to achieve peace and thus to go on the path to realizing her full potential. This inspires her to share herself and everything she has learned. She believes that Yoga is a path to ourselves, and the path of each of us is different and unique.
Her purpose is to help everyone on the mat to connect with their inner voice and to experience every moment consciously and authentically.

She will be waiting for you on the mat to embark on a magical adventure on the way to yourself!