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Hristina Kolcheva

Call me Christina. I have been a consultant and leader of group processes for years, applying the qualities I was born with – intuition, sensitivity, empathy. I am dedicated to understanding the feminine essence and take this as my mission – in my personal journey and in support of other women. I love and find myself in the method of working with the natural voice, rituals and various forms of breathing processes. I discover the vocation by applying different energy practices, in individual consultations for healing the body, soul and mind.
My quest is to constantly explore the world through learning and experiences.

Here are some of the qualifications I have gone through:
• courses at the Russian school “Natural Voice” for group and individual treatment and development through one’s own voice
• training for an integrative breathing facilitator at the Austrian Association for Integrative Breathing
• integral consultant at the Institute for Integral Training and Coaching Austria (IITC)
• Tantra bodyworker at the Institute of Integral Sexuality C.H.A.I.
• School of Integral Constellations and Evolutionary Techniques, Italy, TAI
• specialist in internal alchemy techniques, Yonimapping therapist – C.H.A.I Copenhagen

In Studio Amara, I present two personal formats that are my personal development.
SOUND THERAPY with the natural voice and Yoni’s Voice – a return to the lost femininity.

You are welcome!


Sound therapy with the natural voice

The voice of ions – a practice for women

Encounters with the senses