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Iglika – Igi Sky

In my Vinyasa classes we will create a space for exploration, a space to open up the body and the senses with gentle flows and give ourselves a piece of time to dive deeper into our soul through the physical experience. With a balance of power and relaxation asanas we will explore the potential of possibilities within us. Uniting movement and breath into a refreshing and revitalizing yoga flow. Join me and get inspired by yourself 🙂 Iglika – Igi Sky – an explorer of the big wide world and the infinite possibilities of the divine energy. After a long and fruitful experience in the corporate worlds of fashion, marketing and events, Igi decided to combine her talents and turn her passion into her mission – this is how yoga and yoga experiences took over the main stage in her life and she is a full-time yoga teacher and much more now.


Vinyasa Flow in English