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Iva Emilova

Iva has been teaching yoga for 7 years and practicing since 11.
She grew up in London, where she studied dance arts, improvisation and choreography. that
what leads her to yoga practice is the need for a healthier life physically and
spiritually, and the need for self-discovery and the cultivation of tranquility. After some
years she went to study in India where she studied classical yoga, meditation,
philosophy and anatomy.
After his second trip to India and after years of teaching in famous studios around
London, Iva began to specialize in Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, and began
to practice Buddhism.
Iva studies and practices Yin, Meditation, Buddhism, Chinese Medicine and Myophysial
techniques with teachers such as Sarah Lo, Bernie Clarke, Paul Grilley and others. Also
practices mindfulness with Plum Village in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.
For Iva, this practice is a way of life, a never-ending journey and constant reinvention.
The way she teaches Yin Yoga and Meditation is functional, caring, down-to-earth,
introceptive/sensitive and suitable for everyone. The basis of practice and
her teaching is compassion. Its mission is to assist anyone who is interested
to self-discovery and self-healing.
Advantages and benefits of Yin and Meditation:
– Reduces any inflammation in the body and organism.
– Helps build healthy soft tissue around bones, muscles, joints and
– Reduces pain around the joints.
– Builds plasticity.
– Nourishes and stimulates Chi or energy throughout the body and organs
– Enhances calmness and mental stability by bringing clarity, more compassion,
understanding and self-understanding.
– Reduces anxiety and restlessness.
– Builds introceptivity.
– Contributes to our overall health.


Yin Yoga for Anti-Stress