Иван Иванов
Ivan Ivanov

Ivan Ivanov has 20 years of experience in the field of Chinese therapeutic massage, healing massages, auriculotherapy, oriental diagnostics, natural methods of treatment. His therapeutic experience is related to work on diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, neuralgia, sports injuries, healthy weight loss, anti-cellulite and anti-stress programs, holistic treatment of the patient using the method of natural medicine. For many years he worked and taught in Venezuela in positions directly related to the treatment of various diseases with various therapeutic techniques. He worked for 6 years in the elite team of the Miss Venezuela Foundation as a senior/senior therapist. He has participated in depth in weight loss programs based on detoxification and cellulite treatment. The foundation belongs to Mr. Osmel Sousa, who is involved in the preparation of all Miss Venezuela. Followed by folk medicine in Spain – Naturopathy and polar and multi-layered medicine at the school of energy therapies of Prof. E. Gulyaev in Ukraine. A word that can be used to describe Ivan – “guru” You can make an appointment for a therapeutic massage with Ivan by calling 0898 391 491. The massage takes place in the Amara studio, at bil. Vitosha 45 (entrance from Pizzeria Ugo, Gladstone Street)