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Iveta Petrova

“My name is Iveta, 34 years old and I teach Vinyasa Flow at Yoga District Amara.
I got acquainted with Yoga 6 years ago and fell in love with the overall feeling I had after my first practice, something in me was tamed, humbled, the “slut” in me calmed down. Since then I practice regularly and Yoga is part of my daily life, my life, my heart.
Vinyasa flow gives me the space to let go of control, to let the flow flow through me and through the asanas.
I rarely plan what flow I will teach, rather I let my inner voice and the feelings with the group in practice.

My main points of support are 2: confidence and softness, tenderness. I intend before each practice to be able to combine these qualities in the flow of movement and for the wonderful people practicing with me to leave the hall with bright eyes and confident and gentle enough to create and accept life.
I would love to practice Vinyasa flow TOGETHER.”