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Kiril Radev

Kiril Radev created Art of breathing with the mission to support the mass distribution of breathing practices in their entirety in Bulgaria. Since 2018, he is a professional breathing coach, teacher and therapist. He is certified by leading international leaders in the field of breathing practices, stress, psychotherapy with over a dozen trainings. In his work, he is guided by universality, verifiability/provenness, non-dogmatism, holisticism, integration of a variety of traditions and modern schools. Kiril also leads physical practices to improve the connection with inner and outer nature: cold therapy, sensory experiences, mountain adventures, motor awareness, grounding; has experience and uses sound therapy and psychotherapy. Cyril also works individually as a natural lifestyle designer for proactive wellness and sustainable personal transformation. He has numerous media appearances, has been a speaker at conferences and events, is the creator of the YouTube channel Art of breathing and hosts a podcast.