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I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and teaching for 6 years. I started my yoga journey in 2006. in Sofia with Vera Zaharieva. However, it continued in London where I actually completed my yoga teacher training and where I taught from 2016 to 2020. What yoga brings to me personally is a sense of balance and calmness, it teaches me to constantly look at myself and my body in a supportive and non-judgmental way, to cultivate empathy for myself and others, to deal with everyday worries and stress , and to better understand myself and my relationships with others and the world. My Yoga Training • 2014 – 2016 I completed a 2 year comprehensive yoga teacher training course at one of the UK’s leading yoga centers – Triyoga in London under the guidance of Kate Ellis and Catherine Annis. After this course I was accredited and certified by the British Yoga Wheel, RYS 200. I was then selected as an assistant and mentor on the following 2 year yoga teacher training course. • 2016 – 2018 I completed another 2-year course – The Art of Individual Training, under the guidance of Kate Ellis and Pippa Richardson – specialized training in teaching yoga individually with a focus on the therapeutic properties of yoga. This approach (Embodied Relational Yoga Therapy) draws from theories and insights in yoga, body psychotherapy, ERT and movement development. • 2019 I completed Restorative Yoga training with Anna Ashby and Chris Swain in London. Personally, I find Restorative Yoga to be one of the most beneficial practices today because it helps to balance the nervous system and restore the body’s natural rhythm. • In addition to the above courses, I have also studied with Donna Farhi, Richard Rosen, Aki Omori, John Sterk, Carlos Pomeda, Gary Carter. My Experience as a Yoga Teacher and Studios where I have taught – I am currently teaching Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga at Santosha Yoga, Sofia. – Wellness Spa London, Bamford Brompton Cross, group and individual sessions https://www.bamford.com/uk/pages/london-brompton-cross/ – reCentre Health, London, group and individual sessions – https://recentre- health.co.uk – Klinik, London, group and individual sessions – https://www.pilatesklinik.co.uk/ – The Detox Kitchen, London group sessions – Sylvia Young Theater School, London individual sessions – https://www .syts.co.uk/ – Triyoga London, Yoga Teacher Course Assistant and Mentor – https://triyoga.co.uk/ My teaching approach is influenced by the pioneering yoga style of Wanda Scaravelli from my training with Catherine Annis and from the principle of tensegrity, and body psychotherapy from my studies with Kate Ellis. My classes are suitable for all levels because the practice is aimed at exploring and feeling what we are doing in each moment. The focus is on the quality of the movement, so that the whole body participates in it, as a result of which we release the tension accumulated in the spine, find our natural breathing and lightness in our movements.


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