I begin this presentation with greetings and thanks for taking the time to write the following lines. Perhaps, it is not by chance that you are here, as I am. My name is Pavleta Velichkova, you will know me as Lety. By nature, I am a good and helpful person, looking for emotions and beauty in life and people. After 7 years, studying engineering specialties, a long road and wrong turns, I think I have found my calling. Today I am 24 years old, a wife, a mother, a children’s swimming instructor, a nutritionist, a student at the National Academy of Sciences and a teacher of a private practice “Movement and Health”. In short, a happy and satisfied man-Woman. Life has shown me that the people we meet are not random. You can learn something from everyone and you can be useful to everyone. I will be happy to meet you in the “Movement and Health” classes, which are divided into two practices. Movement and Health (Stretching) is a practice focused on breathing, stretching, bending, feeling, balancing and awareness of our bodies and emotions. Movement and health (intensive class) is more dynamic and includes stretching, warm-up, aerobic exercises and others with own weight or elastics that help better function and endurance of our body.


Movement and wellness – streching

Yoga Movement and Wellness

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