Лукреция Константинова
Lucrezia Konstantinova

Human Design Analyst, Effective Leadership Consultant and

leader of group transformational practices

“I like to see people who are SIGNIFICANT in their lives, with inspiring confidence and authentic self-confidence, calmly embracing their vulnerability. I define myself as a performance coach, or effective leadership consultant. Leadership in the sense of a far-sighted manager of his energy and his life.

I can be useful to anyone for whom in-depth self-knowledge is a value. I help people turn their weaknesses into nourishing wisdom and their talents into realized strengths.

I have been committed to an in-depth study of human nature since 2010. I have 10 years of experience as a consultant and therapist; I have conducted over 700 individual sessions with clients in the field of personal and professional growth; I am the author and leader of thematic workshops for relief from fears, emotional burdens, stress and sabotage beliefs, I have over 80 trainings, lectures and seminars.

I have been studying the Human Design system professionally since 2010. In 2016 I completed the full training for a professional analyst in the system, and in 2018 I certified myself as a leader of the course for cellular transformation “Living Your Design”. I am committed to working with clients on an individual and group level, helping them to rediscover their personal strength and live in greater satisfaction, authentic success and inner peace. ”

Expertise in the Human Design system:

> Certified Leader of the Cellular Transformation Course “Living Your Design”>

> All levels for Professional Human Design Analyzer (Professional Training Level I, II, III, IV)>

> Over 20 thematic human design courses for upgrading and developing knowledge in the subject>

Trainings and certificates in the field of Energy Psychology, Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy:

> TES Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques Level I, II and III)>

> Practitioner in the method Rearrangement of the matrix and Rearrangement of the birth matrix>

> NLP – coaching, therapy and hypnosis (Dr. Richard Bandler’s system)>

> Brief approaches in psychotherapy>

> Consultant with the Family Constellations method>

> Consultant in Australian flower essences>

> Mediator>

You can request a personal session with Lucrezia by phone. 0894 488 809, Mandala Center

>> Human Design Analysis – self-knowledge, personal effectiveness and profitable solutions.> Price BGN 190, duration 2 hours

>> Transforming session – to resolve a specific problem / dilemma / conflict.> Price BGN 97, duration 1 hour.


Lucrezia’s heartfelt message to you:

“Rediscover the connection with yourself and the world. Live your significant self!