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Maiya Petrova

My name is Maya Petrova, and my spiritual journey began as a little girl, when I began to hear and see unusual things, and even then I realized that we are much more than physical beings. To realize this aspect of our higher self I went through an unusually wide palette of lower vibrational experiences to recreate and discover myself. In 2020, I graduated from NATFIZ and to this day I manage to combine the creativity of the theater, the corporate and the spiritual world. My active path in the world of energy began in 2010 when I discovered that each of us has the potential to reshape our reality in every aspect of our existence and today I am an energy therapist. Specializing in various techniques to restore the energy balance of the human body and soul. In my practices I use Isis Seikim, Rainbow energy, Green Tara seikim, tarot, applied kinesiology and other tools to find the way to the individual approach for each person who wants to restore their energy potential and achieve better physical and emotional well-being. One of the important missions of my work are children and people who want to become parents but have ups and downs, as well as those who already have children but feel inadequate as such. With tenderness and attention to each person, I adapt all knowledge to restore together your needs and goals. Dear people, it is not an easy choice to gather and sort out the mess in your life, but it is entirely possible. I chose to do it and it is the greatest experience of who I really am. In taking on the responsibility of guiding you to find harmony, faith and meaning in life, I assure you that each of us is capable of overcoming our old beliefs, negative emotions and transforming our new self into a new tomorrow.


Rainbow Energy and Isis Seikim for energy clearing