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Malina Mali

Malina Mali is a Sacred Practice Trainer “Mandala” and “Unveiling the Female Body”. Certified by the creator of the Maya Mandala dance. The practice itself is based on sacred geometry, the movements are entirely circles, lines and spirals. Based on the principles of the universe, it harmonizes energy, body and mind. The practice helps to connect with our Feminine nature. It has a healing function, it restores its own presence in the body. When they dance the Mandala with each other, women unite with the qualities they have. For example, in one woman there may be a strong quality of land, home, and in the other a more developed quality of creativity. When they dance together, they unite these qualities and get much more than one woman. The woman is filled with Love. The elements with which the practice deals are Water and Earth. Through the practice itself we go through all the cycles – from birth to death and enter into a deep acceptance and experience of the Whole. This is not mental knowledge, it is a direct experience of one’s own experience: because that we have a body, that we breathe, that we have our own righteousness, our own presence. Since I was very young, dancing was my favorite hobby and activity, with which I observed how I react, how I breathe, how I relax and experience what is happening, and after one time I decided to go to a Mandala dance, I discovered completely different sensations, energies and processes that already changed my whole perception, values and clarity about life, soul and cyclicality in nature. Otherwise, before I started dealing with this I had seventeen years in financial structures, achieved satisfaction, knowledge and experience. Four years ago when I found myself in Mandala practice, I started to make decisions that I always wanted, but I was afraid to make them. I started to FEEL and not React to emotions from the outside.


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