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Maria Marinova

I met yoga 10 years ago and since then it has been an invariable part of my life. I am an economist by profession and I deal with finance control. Thanks to yoga I found my way to deal with daily challenges and responsibilities. The transformation, which I pass took me to the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”, where I completed a postgraduate qualification in yoga teachers – a program of the National Academy of Sciences and the Bulgarian Federation of yoga. This step opened unsuspected horizons of knowledge and opportunities.

Yoga helped me recover from an unexpected and shocking health issue. Then I stumbled upon an aerial yoga practice. ….and …. it was love at first sight! The pleasure of flying, to entertain like a child, to turn the point of view, to fight with gravity, facing your own fears, to forget your busy everyday life and feel good – indescribable!

This has to be experienced!


Aerial Yoga