Moksha met yoga more than 20 years ago, filled with intensive trainings and travels around the world. He studies Ayurveda, is an internationally certified teacher of Kriya – hatha yoga and pranayama and has completed the “Yogic studies 1 & 2” course at the Bihar School of Yoga. He is an accredited teacher of Bhakti Marga International, as well as a teacher of Atma Kriya Yoga and Vedic philosophy.
Moksha is a certified Yumeiho therapist, 3rd degree, Osteo Thai specialist and internationally qualified Thai massage teacher. He actively develops unconventional rehabilitation in Bulgaria. He has a master’s degree in Medical Rehabilitation at the Sofia University. He is professionally engaged in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which he studies actively with Prof. Zoya Goranova.

“From the very beginning of my practice, I had the delicate feeling of an imbalance, which, although difficult to detect, had settled deep within me. No matter how hard I tried, I still could not permanently balance my left and right sides. I felt that I was missing something , as despite hard practice I could not balance both sides of my body.I was looking for a method that would go where yoga could not.
Yumeiho (Japanese chiropractic) was the first major discovery on the path of manual practice that greatly influenced my ideas regarding balance in the body and ways to restore and maintain it. As soon as I felt this special oriental massage, I immediately knew that this is the method that I want to apply and be applied to me as a supplement to the practice of Yoga.
Over the years I have found that some people need training for the more serious manual techniques and this led me to my other specialty and professional love – Thai massage, and in addition to Osteo Thai therapy, which combines the principles of modern kinesitherapy and osteopathy with Thai massage.
For a lasting result and consolidation of what was achieved on a physical and psycho-emotional level, I gradually developed an individual yoga therapy program that I offer to my patients. It is based on exercises from yoga and kinesitherapy. According to individual needs, I add basic physical, meditative and breathing exercises.
Acupuncture reinforces manual therapy in an unmatched way and achieves balance on a physical, emotional and mental level.”


Moksha therapy