Надя Динева
Nadia Dineva

Nadia Dineva
Founder, Visionary, Traveler, Mother, Teacher, Artist in life

For me, Yoga is when I walk on the street, when I communicate, when I drive, when I smile or cry. This is when I am in the mood and have energy. When I’m not in the mood and therefore have no energy for anything, it’s just a good gymnastics.

I am an economist by education and in the beginning I worked in banking and financial structures. The moment came when there was no force that could make my hand open the office door. There was a time in which I hit pause, and I gave myself time to make a decision based on what I like to do. I have been practicing yoga for 5-6 years, I liked it, I loved architecture and design as well. So these two things led me to the creation of Amara Yoga Art Studio on 11.11.11. Аnd exactly seven years later, on the same date, the Mandala Center appeared as a kind of natural development. A year later, SHAZAM, the third pearl in the crown of the Yoga District, was manifested.

Practicing yoga has taught me that it is very difficult for me to do splits and keep my leg behind my head for a long time! Yoga has made me sensitive to my own energy and those in my field. Taught me to connect with my feelings, through the current that flows through me. It would be fitting to add “balance” … but I will leave that for later, given my temperamental nature 🙂 . Accepting the restriction is the first step in its transcendence. Perhaps most importantly, it awoke confidence in life.
The world today is as it is, thanks to evolution. Yoga is an old system. It is today that the charge we carry as human beings enables us to experience our full potential. Yoga only provides us with a protected space and guidance through which we can reach our own authenticity. If there is a purpose at all, then for me it is unadulterated authenticity and individual truth.
What teaches us vigilance are the lessons. The barriers we jump over or not. Restrictions and slaps from life. And of course – love!Everyone has their own way. Personal practice is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, a walk in the woods, diving or some kind of art. Our personal connection and time with ourselves is important.

……There is so much beauty in people. Authentic truth comes at a price. But satisfaction and inner peace are priceless.

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